Yes, the Roof Wind Designer web application is free to use. This web application was developed to provide users with an easy-to-use means for determining roof systems' design wind loads. To use the web application you are required to register for a free account.
Once a project is saved no changes are allowed to be made.
For legal reasons the web application currently does not allow projects to be deleted. You can mark a project as "Inactive" to hide the project from showing up by default on the "My Projects" web page.
Roof Wind Designer determines basic wind speed values by county. If all of the counties in a state have the same basic wind speed value, the Project County pull-down menu does not invoke.
Roof Wind Designer determines basic wind speed values by county. If two or more wind speeds occur in a particular county, the highest wind speed will be used. If you do not want to use the default value, you can change it on the Basic Wind Speed page.
NRCA recommends you check your Email spam filters to make sure the Roof Wind Designer Email confirmation is not being blocked. This is a common problem with account registrations.
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